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From the outset, our vision for Berckelbosch was crystal clear: to create Eindhoven's most sustainable residential neighbourhood. We have wholeheartedly fulfilled this ambition in every (sub)phase we have constructed and delivered thus far, ensuring energy benefits for all residents. Embracing a harmonious balance between people and nature, our development showcases a profound commitment to sustainability, making it an exceptional model of coexistence.

The development of Berckelbosch has retained almost all existing greenery. The trees and other vegetation are therefore mature. Together with Vogelbescherming Nederland, it was decided to include built-in bricks for birds and bats in the houses. Together with the green design of the plots and the preservation of mature public greenery, this contributes to maintaining and strengthening biodiversity in the city.

The premise for living in Berckelbosch is (almost) net-zero energy consumption. The houses all boast thorough thermal and sound insulation, and even the streetlamps are energy efficient. Each home is free from gas usage, allowing ample space for renewable energy sources, and is delivered with an outstanding energy label, making it financially appealing for mortgages. The neighbourhood also embraces a responsible initiative for car-sharing at home.

All new homes at Berckelbosch are energy neutral. This means that - according to the standards – a home generates as much energy as is used for hot water, heating the house and the energy required for building installations (such as ventilation) and lighting. The many PV panels on the roof generate all the required energy.

In addition, the house is "off gas" and therefore future proof. So, this means no connection costs for gas and a low energy bill! Moreover, banks create more mortgage space with energy-neutral homes. For instance, it is possible to borrow an extra €15,000 from the bank if you buy an energy-neutral one. So, it's very advantageous!

A first prize

The fact that our policies are making a significant impact is no longer a secret. Recently, we were honored to receive a prestigious award presented annually by Vogelbescherming Nederland. The 'Nature-inclusive Building and Design' award, in collaboration with the Zoogdiervereniging and the province of North Brabant, celebrates the successful integration of urban development and nature. This award aims to highlight inspiring practical examples of nature-friendly building and design.

Berckelbosch in Eindhoven gained prominence and set a trend when Ballast Nedam Development partnered with Vogelbescherming Nederland and the Zoogdiervereniging to construct 500 tiny houses, promoting biodiversity. With an impressive average of over 3 nesting boxes per house and sedum roofs on the sheds in the latest sub-phases, Berckelbosch stands out in the Netherlands for its large-scale nature-inclusive area development. The area's greenery remains untouched, and existing flora is preserved, with hedges used as property fencing to provide a welcoming habitat for diverse plant and animal species.

In addition, everything has been done to implement for climate adaptive measures throughout the neighbourhood, think ‘wadi’s’, an extensive water storage and area drainage system. Education on nature inclusiveness and research on its impact is also high on the agenda in Berckelbosch. New residents are offered a Vogelpakket (Bird package) and Vogelsafari (Bird Safari) under the guidance of the Vogelbescherming and Ballast Nedam Development. There are also inspiration sessions to design nature-friendly gardens. Research in Berckelbosch shows that 3 times more awareness was created by organising such sessions.

Ballast Nedam has signed the Sustainable Development Goals Charter. This Charter represents the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. More information can be found at www.sdgcharter.nl.Op. On this website, you will have come across various measures and suggestions that fit in with the various goals. Below is an overview of the goals that may apply in some form to Berckelbosch. For more information, visit www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment.



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