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In the middle of the city but surrounded by greenery and embraced by tranquillity. If you speak to those that already live there, they will agree that the charm of this 1930s neighbourhood is irresistible. Stylish, relaxed, sustainable, and really all the space you need to live, live and maybe even work (at home) right on the edge of the (inner) city.

With the (inner) city just a stone's throw away, Berckelbosch puts you in a unique spot in Eindhoven. You can be in the city centre in less than ten minutes on your bike, and in less than five minutes by car you can be anywhere you want to be at the Markt, the Parktheater, the NS railway station, or - if you feel like shopping in luxury - De Bijenkorf. Thanks to its convenient location, it's just as easy to get out of Eindhoven as it is to get in.

De Toeloop is there for all your daily shopping or necessities. Basically, a neighbourhood shopping centre including a supermarket and a chemist. With the SPIL centre for education, sports, and leisure opposite. But primary school De Bosch Akker, the Korein Kinderplein and PeuterPlaza are also located here. Just like the ZuidZorg clinic, sports hall De Karpen and the youth meeting place of Welzijn Eindhoven.

Health centre SGE De Akkers offers all the necessary in-house primary care you could desire, from physiotherapy to pharmacy and from GP to podiatrist. But it also has a psychologist and dietician. And... Máxima Medical Centre and Catharina Hospital are also close by.

Feel better, more energetic, and sleep soundly by staying active and engaging in regular exercise. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is both achievable and sustainable. In Berckelbosch, we've partnered with the Eindhoven municipality to foster a community that integrates sports and play seamlessly. Our focus on providing ample space for sports clubs, such as tennis, football, swimming, and rowing, ensures that there are plenty of opportunities for physical activity. The beauty of Berckelbosch lies in its car-free or car-free zones, allowing children to play freely in the streets, embracing the traditional way of fun. Moreover, our scenic pathways, including the Collse Watermolen, Eindhoven canal, and Urkhovense Zeggen, offer delightful routes for cycling, walking, or running.

We encourage and support your passion for sports and exercise, as your well-being is our utmost priority. Berckelbosch is a place where you can truly enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, embracing a community that nurtures your personal health and happiness.


The exceptional location alone makes you want to live in Berckelbosch: right on the green zone around the canal, while you are in the heart of the city within ten cycling minutes and on the motorway within ten car minutes. A stone's throw away you can find the Urkhovense Zeggen nature reserve, with the small Dommel river and the famous Collse Watermolen, which Van Gogh once painted.



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